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3M Half Marathon Carbo Load Dinner this Friday and Saturday

Congratulations to all of those that have committed to running the 3M Half Marathon this coming Sunday! Cannoli Joe’s is proud to host the Official Carbo Load Pre-Race Dinner. We will be serving Chef Bob’s Marathon Pasta, a wonderful dish with Whole-Grain Penne Pasta and a Vegetarian Bolognese sauce. We use Texturized Vegetable Protein (TVP) as a delicious meat substitute and simmer it with some traditional Italian herbs and our homemade Marinara until it tastes just like its meaty namesake. We’ve actually had vegetarian customers complain that it must have meat in it because it tastes so similar! It is a heart-healthy dish that our Executive Chef and Proprietor Bob Hauser came up with last year when he was in training for the Austin Marathon and it was so popular that we’ve kept it on the menu. Chef Bob is a devout vegetarian, with a carnivorous past, which is why there are so many vegetarian dishes that can appeal to meat-eaters as well. He has also proven to be an inspiration to the staff as well; convincing other members of the team to take up running and a more healthy outlook on life. Last year there were several members of the Official Cannoli Joe’s Running Team in the Austin Half-Marathon and full Marathon as well as the Capital 10k.  We will also be participating in this year’s Capital 10k.

So make your reservations on the 3M registration page or call the restaurant at (512)892-4444 to book your table now.

We’ll see you this weekend and good luck runners!

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